Best and worst cars for less than Β£10,000 2017

We name the cars you should consider if you're looking for a cheap new car – and the one to steer clear of

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The best cheap small new cars

If you're after a new small hatchback, there's lots of fine cars to choose from. And what's even better is that you don't have to spend more than Β£10,000 to find a good car. In fact, if you look at our new car buyer marketplace, you'll find lots of great deals for a lot less than that.

Most of these options are classed as city cars; that means they're ideally suited to cruising around towns or cities – although many are also perfectly at home in the countryside or on the motorway. These small cars are easy to park, too, and while they may not offer the sort of space you'd find in a larger family car, they do offer clever ways to maximise space for both people and luggage.

Here's our pick of the new cars on sale today if you're on a budget.

The best cars for less than Β£10,000:

10. CitroΓ«n C1

Range price from: Β£8835 | Our pick: 1.0 VTi 68 Feel 3dr

Under the skin, the CitroΓ«n C1 is almost identical to the Toyota Aygo, which just misses being on this list; the two cars are built in the same factory and have most of the same strengths and weaknesses. However, the CitroΓ«n is slightly cheaper to buy.

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9. Peugeot 108

Range price from: Β£8995 | Our pick: 1.0 Active 3dr

Another car that's related to the Aygo, the Peugeot 108 matches the C1's tempting price tag. However, the 108 is available with extra technology and a wide variety of styling options that let you customise the car, hence its higher ranking.

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6. Vauxhall Viva

Range price from: Β£9765 | Our pick: 1.0 SE (AC)

Like most city cars, the Vauxhall Viva is powered by a small three-cylinder petrol engine. However, this one is unusually smooth, and the Viva also rides well, even over scruffy urban roads. Less positively, adults will find the rear space quite tight, and cheaper versions are poorly equipped.

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