Electric Car Awards 2023: Best used electric executive car

With electrified cars now coming in all shapes and sizes – and available to suit every budget – we’ve named the best models in every class. Here we look at the best used electric executive car...

WINNER: Best used electric executive car

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

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By now, you’ve probably quite rightly decided that the Tesla Model 3 is the electric executive car for you, but if you’ve also worked out that you haven’t got the necessary folding to make your dream become a reality, don’t despair.

If you’re prepared to go back to 2019 for one of the first UK Model 3s, and you’re happy with the performance and 254-mile official range of the Standard Range Plus model, you can buy one now for just £23,000.

Tesla Model 3 interior dashboard

Alternatively, you can get an example of the post-2020 facelift Long Range with an official range of 360 miles and improved interior quality for about £25,000. Whichever one you choose, those are extraordinarily low prices for such a desirable car.

Of course, a number of contributory factors have combined to produce a dip in the values of used electric cars over the past year, but all we can say is, if this is the result, drive on.

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