Ford fights cat crime

* Catalytic converter theft rising * Thieves want platinum * ID kit now on sale...

Ford fights cat crime
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Jim Holder
31 Jul 2008 10:15

Ford has teamed up with a security specialist to create anti-theft kits for catalytic converters.

Catalytic converter crime is becoming an increasing problem as the value of platinum, which is used to reduce the toxicity of emissions, has risen sharply.

A stolen converter is currently worth around 100, and even if a thief is caught it is hard to prove a converter is from a stolen car.

Now Ford has joined forces with Retainagroup, a car security marking specialist, to create a kit that can identify a catalytic converter. Each kit includes a unique 7-digit code and a 24-hour telephone number which can be called to identify which car the part came from, which are fixed to the converter.

A single kit costs 11.87 including VAT, or fleet packs containing material for 30 vehicles are priced at 136.85.