New BMW M2 Competition vs Alpine A110

These sports cars have evolved in very different ways, but both promise to be thrilling to drive. Only one can be king of the jungle, though...

Alpine A110 side
Alpine A110 side

Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety and security

You’ll need deep pockets to buy either of these cars, with list prices of more than £50,000. Although the M2 is a little more expensive to begin with, it will cost you a couple of hundred quid less if you buy at our Target Price.

Neither is cheap to run, either. Fuel and servicing bills will be much higher for the M2, but those costs will be largely offset by the fact that it’s predicted to hold its value better.

BMW M2 interior

If you’re taking out finance, a three-year PCP deal with a £5000 deposit will set you back £687 per month for the M2 and £711 for the A110. Company car drivers will sacrifice far less of their salaries to drive an A110 (see panel, left), thanks to its lower CO2 output.

Both come well equipped, although there are far more luxury and convenience options for the M2. Automatic emergency braking (along with lane departure warning) is a £390 option on the M2 but unavailable on the A110. Euro NCAP hasn’t crash tested the A110 or M2, but the 1 Series on which the latter is based gained five stars, albeit way back in 2012.