New Skoda Kodiaq vs Land Rover Discovery Sport vs Toyota Land Cruiser

The Skoda Kodiaq should definitely be on your shortlist if you need a seven-seat SUV, but how does it compare with established rivals from Land Rover and Toyota?...

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What Car? team
23 March 2016

What are they like inside?

All three have fully adjustable steering wheels and loads of head and leg room in the front. Seat comfort is more varied: the Land Rover's electric seats offer the most side support but never quite enough for your lower back – even with the adjustable lumbar support in its most extreme setting.

The Skoda's seats (also electric) provide better lower back support, although the seat cushions are a bit firm for some tastes. There’s no adjustable lumbar support in the Toyota, and while its squidgy seats feel comfortable at first, there’s little support in any direction.

New Skoda Kodiaq vs Land Rover Discovery Sport vs Toyota Land Cruiser

The Skoda has the best dashboard layout; its chunky, clearly labelled switches are easy to spot at a glance. It’s a similar story in the Land Rover, although a few of the buttons – especially those on the steering wheel – are smaller and trickier to find. Meanwhile, the Toyota baffles you with knobs and buttons scattered all over its dashboard.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Skoda has the best-finished interior, with dense, soft-touch materials everywhere you touch. The Land Rover’s is more rugged-looking but still feels upmarket, aside from the low-rent buttons on the steering wheel. We’ve no doubt the Toyota’s interior would stand up to a nuclear strike, but it possesses little visual appeal and feels very cheap.

New Skoda Kodiaq vs Land Rover Discovery Sport vs Toyota Land Cruiser

All of our trio come with sliding and reclining second-row seats. The Toyota is the only one with a flat floor which, along with the widest rear seat area, means it’s the best for seating three adults side by side. The Land Rover and Skoda are similarly accommodating when it’s just two in the back, though.

The Toyota has the roomiest third row; two 6ft-tall adults can sit there in reasonable comfort. Only kids or smaller adults would be happy in the rearmost seats of the Skoda and even they would likely feel cramped in the Land Rover’s. With all seven seats in place, the Skoda has enough luggage space left for shopping bags, including some underfloor storage, while the others can’t carry much at all.

Things even out in five-seat mode, with all three capable of swallowing a couple of large suitcases or buggies. For really wide loads, the Toyota is best, followed by the Skoda. However, the Toyota does have the highest boot floor, something worth bearing in mind if you need to regularly lift heavy items in and out, and its awkward side-hinged tailgate means you need to leave loads of room behind the car to fully open it.