New Vauxhall Astra vs used Audi A3: which is best?

You’re in the market for a five-door hatchback, but do you buy new with a stylish Vauxhall Astra or do you go used with the supremely classy Audi A3? Read our full new vs used test to find out...

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Mark Pearson
30 April 2017

New Vauxhall Astra vs used Audi A3: which is best?

New Vauxhall Astra vs used Audi A3 – costs

New Vauxhall Astra vs used Audi A3: which is best?

According to our Target Price team, it’s possible to walk away with our chosen Astra for just £17,092, against its on-the-road price of £18,500. That’s a healthy reduction, although you have to factor in the fact that the Astra is expected to lose quite a lot of value in the first year, whereas the A3 will already have shed some. That Target Price figure will buy you our chosen A3, the 1.0 TFSI Sport, that will only be a year old and probably have a minimal mileage on it.

There’s further good news for the A3 when it comes to reliability. In our most recent survey, its sibling, the A3 saloon, scored a perfect 100%. Our hatchback model here came in seventh place in the family car class, while the Astra was near the bottom in 25th place. Audi as a brand finished in 12th place, whereas Vauxhall finished in 18th.

The Astra would come with a full three-year warranty, of course, while the A3 would have only two of its three years' cover left.

The Astra has the slight advantage in claimed fuel consumption, too, with its average figure being 64.2mpg compared with the A3’s 60.1mpg. With both cars registered after the tax changes of April 2017, they would both be liable for the same annual road tax bill.

New Vauxhall Astra vs used Audi A3 – alternatives

New Vauxhall Astra vs used Audi A3: which is best?

If you wanted something similar to the Astra, in other words a spacious family hatchback for not a lot of cash, you could consider the Seat Leon. This humdinger of a car is based on the Volkswagen Golf and carries most of the good qualities of that exceptional car. There’s a strong range of efficient engines, plenty of kit and low running costs. It’s great to drive, too, and there’s always a good deal to be had on a new one.

Alternatives to the A3 would include the aforementioned Golf – a car that manages to be comfortable, well equipped, refined and yet relatively cheap to buy and own. It’s also great to drive and has a relatively classy interior. A year-old example of one of our favourite trims would cost about the same as this A3.

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New Vauxhall Astra vs used Audi A3: which is best?