New Vauxhall Astra vs used Audi A3: which is best?

You’re in the market for a five-door hatchback, but do you buy new with a stylish Vauxhall Astra or do you go used with the supremely classy Audi A3? Read our full new vs used test to find out...

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New Vauxhall Astra vs used Audi A3 – alternatives

If you wanted something similar to the Astra, in other words a spacious family hatchback for not a lot of cash, you could consider the Seat Leon. This humdinger of a car is based on the Volkswagen Golf and carries most of the good qualities of that exceptional car. There’s a strong range of efficient engines, plenty of kit and low running costs. It’s great to drive, too, and there’s always a good deal to be had on a new one.

New Vauxhall Astra vs used Audi A3: which is best?

Alternatives to the A3 would include the aforementioned Golf – a car that manages to be comfortable, well equipped, refined and yet relatively cheap to buy and own. It’s also great to drive and has a relatively classy interior. A year-old example of one of our favourite trims would cost about the same as this A3.

New Vauxhall Astra vs used Audi A3 – which is best?

The Astra is a perfectly pleasant car in isolation. Refinement and comfort are on the whole pretty decent and make this a fairly relaxing motorway mile muncher. The engine is pretty smooth, even if you will need to work it when fully laden. It also handles quite neatly as far as family cars go. Speaking of families, they appreciate the space that the Astra has to offer and there's enough equipment provided to keep the smartphone generation happy.

New Vauxhall Astra vs used Audi A3: which is best?

However, when pitched against a car as classy as the Audi A3, the Astra sadly comes up short. The A3 offers basically the same practicality and toys as the Astra, but the A3 drives better than the Astra, it has a much smarter interior, an easier to use and more attractive infotainment system and it also costs less to buy. True, the A3 will be one year shy of the three year warranty provided by the Astra, but we think that this is a small price to pay for what is arguably the better car.

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