Nissan Invitation

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Nissan Invitation

The Nissan Invitation sparked a national news story on the opening morning of the show, when Nissan revealed the car will be built at its factory in Sunderland.

Of course, the show car is a concept version, so well expect it to be toned down before it rolls off the production line. Even so, the Invitation hints at a much more appealing vehicle than the relatively boxy Note. The practical styling is masked on the five-door show car by a lot of bodywork creases that make it look more swoopy than it really is. If this can be retained on the production car, then it could be a really stylish small hatchback. Itll be green, too expect the cleanest version to emit less than 100g/km of CO2.

It also ought to be affordable. As a direct replacement for Nissan's baby 'MPV hatchback', the Note, wed expect the Invitation to cost from around 12,000.

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John McIlroy

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