Nissan Leaf price is revealed

* All-electric Leaf will cost 23,350 * Price includes Government incentive * Register interest from July...

Nissan Leaf price is revealed

The Nissan Leaf will cost 23,350 when it goes on sale in the UK in February 2011.

The pricetag for the Leaf includes the UK Government's electric car incentive. The Leaf will qualify for 100% of the Government incentive, under which it pays up to 5000 towards the purchase of electric cars and certain other low-carbon vehicles.

Unlike many electric goods the price for the Leaf does include the battery.

Green benefits
Along with the Government incentive, Nissan Leaf buyers will also be able to benefit from zero road tax and zero company car tax for five years. Over this period a company car driver living in London will save 11,500 in tax and Congestion Charge savings.

Nissan says that savings on fuel will equate to around 513 annually when compared with those of a similarly sized, conventionally powered vehicle. The electricity to power the car for 60 miles will cost around 1.

How to buy
Buyers will be able to register their interest in purchasing the all-electric Nissan Leaf online from July. Log on to for details.

In addition to purchasing the car outright, customers will also be able to buy the car on a Nissan finance plan. Details of this will also be released in July.