Other family cars - part 1

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Other family cars - part 1
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What Car? Staff
26 May 2011 23:01

Here's how other family cars rated in this year's JD Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Survey. You can also take a look at our 'in focus' analysis of this particular sector.

2 Toyota Prius
Satisfaction rating 83.9%
Overall 5th
Toyota Prius review

Once again, Toyotas ground-breaking hybrid family car is a worthy second in this category. Highlights of Prius ownership are that its built to last and the exterior seems bombproof, according to its owners.

The small boot (as a result of the underfloor batteries) means the hybrid dropped points for storage.

3 Volvo S40
Satisfaction rating 83.3%
Overall 7th=
Volvo S40

A great on-road performance helps secure the Volvo saloon third place for
a second year. Another area that had S40 owners smiling was exterior build quality. Sadly, owners would have preferred more rear storage and cubby space.

4 Volkswagen Passat
Satisfaction rating 82.0%
Overall 20th=
Volkswagen Passat used car review

The Passat has moved up from eighth place last year to fourth in 2011. Passat owners generally enjoyed the environment they sit in, but handbrake issues contributed to bringing down the VWs score.

5 Toyota Avensis
Satisfaction rating 81.0%
Overall 39th=
Toyota Avensis review

Toyota is obviously doing something right in its service departments: Avensis owners said the servicing of their cars was good and the price was fair. Other areas werent so positive: drivers said the brakes were noisy and tyres wore unevenly.

5 Volvo V50
Satisfaction rating 80.2%
Overall 43rd=
Volvo V50 review

Surprisingly, the Volvo estate sits three places lower than its saloon sibling. Owners generally found few problems with their V50s reliability, but they
did complain about rear passenger space and storage, and road noise.

7 Peugeot 407
Satisfaction rating 80.1%
Overall 46th=
Peugeot 407 review

Servicing and running costs pleased 407 owners, with praise going to the politeness and flexibility of dealership staff. However, average results for the overall appeal of the vehicle consign the 407 to a mid-table place.

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In focus
Car buyers can be a fickle bunch
One mans meat is another mans poison and the same is true in the JD Power survey. The amazing thing about the whole exercise is that it proves one thing for sure: car buyers can be an unpredictable bunch.

Take, for example, the rankings of the Volvo V50 estate and S40 saloon. These are built on the same platform yet, overall, 36 places separate the seventh-placed S40 and the 43rd-placed V50. So is it the fact that the V50 isnt the most spacious estate thats the problem? No. In the eyes of owners, they differ most in appeal Volvos small family car works better as a package in saloon form. Weve analysed the differences between them on the right.

V50 - S40
2004 Launched 2004
80.2% overall score 83.3%
1307 litres Total load capacity 883 litres
Volvos P1 Platform Volvos P1
43rd Overall ranking 7th
Ghent, Belgium Built in Ghent, Belgium