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Costs & verdict

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Costs & verdict

Everyday costs, plus how reliable and safe it is

Given that the trim level you choose dictates the size of the van you can operate (or vice versa), it’s probably best to start with the Icon as the option you’ll need. It gives you a high level of standard trim but also means you can add features like the 7.0in touchscreen, which has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Your choice of engine will largely depend on the sort of work you have in mind, but we’d recommend the 120bhp engine (unless you really need an auto). The 1.5-litre is the best bet on fuel but, whether you choose a 1.5 or 2.0-litre powerplant for your 120bhp van, you won’t be disappointed by its performance or refinement.

There are a few options also worth considering if you have the funds. Aside from the 7.0in screen, which does transform the look and functionality of the dashboard, there’s also additional reversing cameras, head-up displays and active safety systems to consider. Forward Collision Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control that goes as low as 12mph and a Pre-Collision safety system that prevents impacts when travelling below 18mph all significantly enhance safety.

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Toyota Proace
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Toyota vans might not have the cachet of the firm's pick-up trucks, but the Proace is one of the most economical and practical on the market. Comfortable and fun to drive, it’s also one of the safest vans on the market if you add on all the options.

  • Comfortable interior
  • Fun to drive
  • Huge payload capacity
  • Not a great engine choice
  • Compromised visibility
  • Safety options come at a price