Peugeot HX1 concept car unveiled

  • MPV concept car
  • Longer than a Galaxy, lower than a Mini
  • Diesel hybrid power
Peugeot HX1
Peugeot HX1
The Peugeot HX1 concept car will be the star of Peugeot’s display at the Frankfurt motor show next month.

The futuristic MPV concept car has seating for up to six and a range of high-tech features, including a diesel-electric hybrid powertrain, ‘half-scissor’ doors and spoilers that automatically deploy at higher speeds.

At 4.95 metres long, the HX1 is 13.5cm longer than a Ford Galaxy, yet it’s 3cm lower than a Mini. There are four ‘reverse-opening’ side doors, that open upwards.

The HX1 includes active aerodynamic features – the ‘spokes’ in each wheel open at speed to create a flat surface. A spoiler and two side skirts at the top of the tailgate are deployed above 62mph.

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Although many of the HX1’s styling elements aren’t suitable for production, the front end shows the latest evolution of Peugeot’s new family look, with a front grille that appears ‘detached’ from the bodywork.

The interior has seating in three rows of two, with the middle pair pulling out when needed. There’s also a minibar and a coffee machine, while materials such as stitched leather and brushed metal create a luxurious ambience.

Power comes from a 295bhp version of the Hybrid4 system that’s used for the 3008 Hybrid4 and 508 RXH. In this case, a 2.2-litre diesel engine powers the front wheels, while a 94bhp electric motor drives the rear pair.

A production version of the HX1 is unlikely, but you can expect it to influence the technology of future Peugeot models, especially the replacement for the 5008 MPV.

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