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Car of the Year Awards 2022: Best executive car for comfort

A top-notch executive car must do it all – frugally and in style. Buyers want effortless long-haul capability, a comfortable and classy interior, and low benefit-in-kind tax rates...

Best executive car for comfort

Audi A4 35 TDI Technik

Car of the Year 2022 - MotorEasy

If, for you, an executive car should tend your furrowed brow after a busy working day, the Audi A4 is the one for you. No rival is as adept at absorbing motorway miles; with the comfort-focused suspension of our favourite Technik trim, most lumps and bumps will pass by unnoticed, while there’s little noise to trouble your eardrums.

Of course, it’s easiest to relax in pleasant surroundings, and the A4’s appealingly designed interior is the clear class leader when it comes to sheer quality, plus its infotainment system looks slick and is pretty easy to use by the standards of systems that rely mainly on a touchscreen.

Audi A4 Avant interior

The version that’ll make the most sense for the majority of buyers is the 35 TDI. Diesels may be unfashionable, but, with 161bhp, this engine blends decent fuel economy with effortless muscle. If you’re looking for driving excitement, though, you’ll be better off with the BMW 3 Series.

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