Deal of the Day: new Dacia Sandero for £165 per month

The Dacia Sandero is an impressively practical, budget-focused small car, and is our Deal of the Day for 19 April...

Dacia Sandero with Target Price logo

Even at full price, the Dacia Sandero is something of a bargain – it frequently vies for the title of Britain’s cheapest new car, yet it’s also one of the best small cars you can buy.

However, the discounts available through our free online New Car Deals service help make it even more affordable. Discounts mean you could secure a brand new Sandero through What Car? for as little as £165 per month. Cash buyers can enjoy an additional £244 reduction off the cash price, too.

And you get a lot of car for your money. Literally. The Sandero is one of the biggest small cars around; it’s even roomier up front than the pricey Honda Jazz, and is almost as spacious for rear passengers.

Dacia Sandero boot being filled with luggage

Its 328-litre boot, meanwhile, is big enough to swallow six carry-on suitcases, putting the Sandero on a par with the Skoda Fabia when it comes to load-lugging.

On the move, the Sandero is pretty comfy; the ride is on the softer side, but not so much that the car wallows about on undulating roads, as the Citroën C3 does. That said, if you’re after a small car that’s fun to drive, the Seat Ibiza is a better bet.

While the Sandero can’t exactly be described as plush inside, it’s well finished compared with other cut-price rivals, and Dacia has made sure the interior is at least reasonably nice to look at.

Dacia Sandero interior dashboard

The Sandero is available with two versions of a 1.0-litre turbocharged engine. The conventional option, dubbed 1.0 TCe 90, is a petrol engine which produces 89bhp. Stepping up to the 1.0 TCe 100 Bi-Fuel gets you an extra 10bhp, and adds a second fuel tank, allowing you to run your Sandero on LPG as well as petrol.

We’d recommend the latter, because of the potential to save money by topping up the LPG tank when you come across a filling station. Plus, the Bi-Fuel won’t cost you a penny more to buy if you take advantage of one of our Dacia Sandero deals.

As much as the Sandero’s appeal surrounds its money-saving abilities, we would suggest upgrading to mid-range Expression trim. This adds a wealth of goodies, including rear parking sensors, keyless entry and a touchscreen infotainment system.

Blue Dacia Sandero rear cornering

If you’re thinking of buying a Sandero on PCP finance, then this upgrade is a real no-brainer. The monthly repayments for a Bi-Fuel Sandero in Expression trim, and one in entry-level Essential trim, are identical: £166 per month. You can save a grand total of £1 per month by pairing Essential trim with the TCe 90 petrol engine, but we don’t reckon that’s a worthwhile saving.

What's more, you can now get a seven-year warranty on all Dacia models, offering peace of mind if you intend to keep your Sandero long-term.

If you’d like to take advantage of one of these great Dacia Sandero deals take a look at our free online New Car Deals service, or chat to a local dealer about how much you can save.

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