EuroMillions winner eyes 4x4

* 56 million jackpot winner * Winner wants Range Rover or BMW X6 * VIP service available...

EuroMillions winner eyes 4x4

Nigel Page won 56 million on last Friday's EuroMillions lottery and says a new 4x4 is top of his wish-list.

Page, who runs a property maintenance business in Gloucestershire and is a self-proclaimed white van man, says he'd like a Range Rover Sport or a BMW X6. The last payment on his white van is due next month.

His partner, Justine Laycock, currently drives a Honda Civic, but has her eye on a sports car. She has yet to decide on a model.

Special treatment?
So, are lottery winners treated any differently to the average punter looking to buy a new car?

BMW says lottery winners can contact their VIP sales service in London's Park Lane if they require a more discreet service. Equally, celebrities regularly walk in to their local dealership and receive the same service as a less high-profile customer.

However, with either of these routes to a new car, haggling for a discount might be difficult if the salesman knows how much cash the customer has to spend.

Those other millionaires footballers
Millionaire footballers can subscribe to services such as Platinum Players where 'trustworthy dealers' are listed.

Although, if you're after something like the Bentley that Manchester City's Stephen Ireland bought his girlfriend (try a Google Images search for Stephen Ireland Bentley), it might be best to contact the manufacturer direct because this kind of customisation is best left to the experts.