Fiat 500 Zagato

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Fiat 500 Zagato

Big news on the Fiat stand is this sporty 2+2 version of the 500.

It's been designed in collaboration with Italian styling company Zagato, and features a lower roof with a 'double hump', 17-inch alloys and a striking matt yellow paint job.

The banana colour scheme continues inside, with a yellow leather-trimmed cabin and matching stitching on the steering wheel and seats.

Under the bonnet there's an upgraded version of Fiat's new turbocharged TwinAir petrol engine, which produces a healthy 103bhp. Despite the extra power, Fiat claims the Zagato pumps out just 95g/km of CO2. Impressive.

Fiat says the Zagato has been designed mainly for a 'young and dynamic male audience', but says it will also appeal to women because of its funky styling and interesting colours.

There's no word on whether the concept will go into production, but Fiat will be keen to wring as much success as it can out of the hugely popular 500 badge, so we wouldn't be surprised to see a toned down version of the Zagato within the next year or two.