New BMW X5 vs Audi Q7

BMW’s goal is for the new X5 to be the most complete luxury SUV you can buy. But before it can claim that title, it must beat the Audi Q7...

Audi Q7
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What Car? team
1 Feb 2018 12:00
Audi Q7

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

When you’re spending more than £60,000 on a luxury SUV, you don’t just want the interior to look special; you want it to feel that way too. Thankfully, BMW appears to have got the memo; the X5 is positively jaw-dropping inside. In comparison, the Q7, although a class act, is a bit on the  conservative side. 


The X5’s dashboard is angled to create a driver-focused environment, and while the Q7 has a slight advantage in terms of the quality of the materials, the X5 isn’t far behind. Indeed, from the stitching on the leather dashboard to the acres of brushed aluminium and piano black trim, everything looks and feels fantastic in the X5. However, the Q7 has the more configurable and easier-to-read digital instrument panel.

You sit higher in the X5 when the driver’s seat is set in its lowest position, although it’s easy to jack yourself up to the same height in the Q7, because both cars come with electrically adjustable front seats as standard. Four-way lumbar adjustment and extendable under-thigh support should also ensure your back and legs don’t get sore.