New Porsche Macan vs Jaguar F-Pace

A revamp for Porsche’s Macan sports SUV means it’s all set for a fresh shootout with the Jaguar F-Pace. Which is the better buy?...

Jaguar F-Pace behind the wheel
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10 May 2018 10:00

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

When you’re spending nearly £50k on a car, you want the interior to feel special. Although the F-Pace looks impressive at first glance, it’s let down slightly by the quality of the materials, with hard, scratchy plastics being rather too prominent. What seems like a leather-covered dashboard is actually vinyl and the steering wheel buttons operate with all the slickness of a cheap Casio watch. 

The Macan, on the other hand, is more conservative in its design but feels like a quality product, thanks to its plethora of soft plastics, well-damped switches and brushed aluminium accents. Some might like the uncluttered look you get in the virtually buttonless Cayenne and Panamera, but we actually prefer the functionality that comes with the rows of physical switches on the Macan’s centre console. 

Porsche Macan behind the wheel

The cars are more evenly matched when it comes to their driving positions. You sit far lower in the Macan – something many sports SUV buyers will prefer – but the standard sports seats in the F-Pace offer better side support to help keep you in place in corners. Eight-way electric adjustment for the driver’s seat is standard on the Macan, whereas you have to pay an extra £400 to get basic 10-way electric movement on the F-Pace.

Even so, we wouldn’t settle for the standard seats in either car, because neither comes with adjustable lumbar support. We’d step up to the 14-way electrically adjustable comfort seats (£1044) in the Macan and the 18-way electrically adjustable sports seats (£820) in the F-Pace. 

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