Pink Fiat 500 celebrates Barbie's 50th

* One-off model to be shown in Milan * Promoting Barbie's 50th birthday * Includes pink paintwork and glittery interior...

Pink Fiat 500 celebrates Barbie's 50th

Real-life Barbie girls are probably looking at the car of their dreams: a one-off pink Fiat 500 that's been built to celebrate the doll's 50th birthday.

Other than the striking pink paintwork, modifications include Alcantara silver trim that's been laminated to give a glitter effect, an LED-edged vanity mirror, a lip-gloss holder in the glove compartment, and a generous application of crystals to the hubcaps, window mouldings and door mirrors.

The car is going on a tour of Milan throughout next week, before being put on display in a shopping centre.

There is no news on whether it will be sold following its promotional tour, but we feel fairly certain that Ken won't want to be seen driving it.