The 10 slowest-depreciating cars in 2023

Want your next car to hold on to as much of its value as possible? You'll need to buy one of these...

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When you think about the cost of running a car, it's easy to factor in things like fuel, tax and servicing, but one cost is often larger than all of those combined: depreciation.

Depreciation is something few car buyers want to think about, but any new car loses a large portion of its value over the first few years of ownership, so finding one that will hold onto its value as tenaceously as possible will ensure you get most of your money back when it comes to selling it on.

Depreciation isn’t necessarily bad news, though. If you’re buying a used car and choose carefully, it can allow you to get a lot of car for your money.

Here, we've used our residual value data to show you the cars that will cost you the least in depreciation over three years. All figures are based on the trade-in value for an example that's covered 36,000 miles in that time. 

Unsurprisingly, there are some fairly exotic – and expensive – models on the list, as well as a mix of models which use traditional petrol and diesel, and plug-in hybrids. If you want to learn more about each car, simply click on the relevant link to read our full review or see how much you could save by using our free New Car Buying service.

If you just want to know which car keeps its value the best, however, look no further: the Lamborghini Urus sports SUV is the slowest-depreciating new car you can buy.