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Used Car of the Year Awards contenders: small cars

You’ll have to wait until 30 September for the winners of the 2021 What Car? Used Car of the Year Awards to be announced, but you can get a preview of the top contenders here...

2012 Honda Jazz front corner

If we were solely looking at practicality, the Honda Jazz would walk away with this category. It really does have enough space inside to embarrass physically larger cars from the class above.

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Ford Fiesta

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Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta has been a staple of the small car market because it offers something for everyone. This also means used car buyers have loads of examples to choose from. Go for a mid-range Zetec to get goodies such as air-con and a heated windscreen, which is ideal for frosty mornings. 

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Seat Ibiza

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Seat Ibiza cornering front three quarters

In a lot of ways, the Seat Ibiza as a cheaper version of the Volkswagen Polo, because it shares its engines and underpinnings with its posher sibling. More often than not, you'll get a better-equipped Ibiza with a lower mileage than the equivalently priced Polo.

Suzuki Swift

You can easily find the latest-generation Swift for our £8000 budget, and you can even get one with the punchiest engine option in the range: a turbocharged 111bhp 1.0-litre petrol. 

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Skoda Fabia

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Skoda Fabia

A used Fabia is a very sensible choice, because it has a strong range of engines (particularly the turbo petrols) and SE examples, in particular, are very well equipped. 

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Kia Rio

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Kia Rio

The current Rio ticks off many of the boxes used buyers are looking for in a small car, and it comes with fine roster of toys, plus it has a class-leading warranty to back up the whole package. 

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Less than £12,000

Mini hatch

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New Audi A1 vs new Mini 5dr

Despite being around for a few years, the current Mini still looks fresh. It had lots of up-to-the-minute tech from new, so it'll keep the smartphone-obsessed happy with its BMW-derived infotainment system. The 138bhp 1.5-litre petrol is the one to go for because of its blend of performance, refinement and fuel economy.

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Audi A1

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Audi A1 front

Probably one of the most desirable posh small cars around, the A1 has a top-notch interior and some very refined engine options. Space inside is limited for rear seat passengers, though.

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Volkswagen Polo

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Volkswagen Polo

This latest Polo has already scooped the small car award in the 2020 What Car? Car of the Year Awards earlier this year; can it repeat the same trick here as a used option?