What Car? news round-up

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What Car? news round-up

Credit crunch starting to bite? Are the running costs on your car too high? What Car? has compiled a list of the most fuel-efficient cars on sale today, and you can find out more, here.

However, if you aren't about to change your car but still want to cut your fuel bills, then read our special guide to how you can drive more economically. Click here for our top ten tips.

Those savings could be greater than you think, too, as fuel producers are about to cut production. Find out why here.

Also, the Government is expected to hike fuel taxes 2p next year. Learn more here.

Your questions answered
Our Q&A special answers readers' 10 most-asked questions. Read them here.

First drives
Hyundai i20
Suzuki Alto
Renault Laguna Coupe

Latest car reviews
Kia Soul
Renault Laguna Coupe

Other news
New Golf crashes in
Read about the new VW Golf's crash test results here.

Hyundai i20's whiplash protection
The new supermini features special crash protection. Read about it here.

The cleanest petrol engine ever
Well, the cleanest for now. Read about the Suzuki Alto's record here.

Renault to re-style Espace
The next generation Espace is going to get a makeover, featuring 4x4 looks but MPV practicality. Read more here.

Rebirth of the Audi A2?
The Audi A2 could be making a comeback. Find out more here.

Suzuki Alto: made in India
Suzuki bosses say that having their new supermini built in India poses no quality issues. Read more here.

The electric Mini
An all-electric variant of the popular hatch is undergoing trials. Read more here.

Swindon cans speed cameras
Do speed cameras work? Swindon councillors don't think so, and have scrapped fixed cameras in favour of other road safety measures. Read more here.

Random breath testing?
Read about a law change that could allow random breath testing here.

Honda cuts production
The credit crunch continues to bite the car industry, with Honda now cutting production. Read more here.

Renault Laguna Coupe prices
The stylish coupe will cost from 20,995. More information can be found here.

Blue badge clampdown
The Government has announced a crackdown, and you can read about it here.

Manchester's congestion charge battle
Councillors are set to vote on the introduction of congestion charge zones in Manchester and battle lines are being drawn. Learn more here.

Leeds ring road complete
Read about the completion of the 50 million ring road here.

Ford Focus gets sporty
The Ford Focus Zetec is getting sports styling. Read more here.

A Christmas gift idea for her
Find out what car accessory women really want here.