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Passenger & boot space

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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

The Model 3 is a saloon so its boot aperture isn’t huge. However, there’s actually more space for luggage than you’ll find in a Jaguar I-Pace – thanks partly to a huge well under the main boot floor, but also further space for a couple of soft bags under the bonnet.

Rear leg room isn’t as impressive as in the Jag but there’s still enough for a six-footer to sit behind a driver of a similar height. Head room is plentiful, too, but there’s a limited amount of space for your feet under the front seats. The biggest irritation passengers will face, though, is the posture they’re forced into when sitting. The car’s floor is quite high but the seats are mounted low, so long-legged passengers will have their knees around their ears. Passengers of all sizes will find that this takes a bit of getting used to.

Front-seat passengers are unlikely to have any complaints about space, no matter how tall they are. There’s also loads of space for odds and ends, with a couple of lidded cubbies between the front seats, as well as front door bins that can each take a big bottle of water.

Tesla Model 3 LHD rear seats
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