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If you thought electric cars were all environmental piety with zero fun attached, the Tesla Model S will quickly make you reconsider. Everything about it is designed to indulge you – from its supercar performance to the sleek looks and jaw-dropping technology.

What are its highlights? Well, even the cheapest Model S will accelerate from 0-60mph in less than four seconds. You’d also have to include its automatic driving modes and its infotainment touchscreen, which is so massive that it makes an iPad look like an iPhone.

We’ll consider all the important elements of the car, from the way it drives and how comfortable the interior is to how practical we found it and how many miles it's really likely to do on a full charge regardless of the claimed range. We’ll also take a closer look at whether all the clever tech lives up to the hype.

If at the end you decide the Tesla Model S is the car for you, just head to our free What Car? New Car Buying pages to find out how to make a big saving without any difficult haggling. There are plenty of new Tesla deals to peruse there.