Mercedes-AMG A45 review

Passenger & boot space

Mercedes-AMG A45 2019 LHD dashboard detail
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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

To put it simply, the A45 is just as practically designed as any other Mercedes A-Class. That means plenty of space up front for a couple of 6ft-plus adults, especially if you avoid the head room-stealing optional sunroof and decent oddment storage, too.

A couple of tall mates will fit in the back, but can expect to find their knees close to the front seatbacks and their heads near the roof. Still, the Audi RS3 isn’t much better. If you want a hot hatch and need to carry adults in the rear regularly, the generous rear leg room of the Civic Type R makes it a better bet, even if it isn’t quite so fast.

There’s nothing spectacular about the boot of the A45, although it’s spacious enough for a big weekly shop or a week away for two. In fact, when we did our suitcase boot test, the A-Class and Audi A3 tied on six carry-on suitcases each (the BMW 1 Series managed five), although it was less of a squeeze to get them in the Audi.

The lip at the boot entrance is a bit annoying, because it means you have to heave heavy items over it rather than simply sliding them in or out. More annoyingly, there’s no two-level boot floor on the options list, either.

Mercedes-AMG A45 2019 LHD rear seats
Mercedes-AMG A45 2019 left front cornering
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