Best & worst crash test results

* Top five best NCAP results of 2010 * and the worst crash test results * We reveal the safest cars...

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What Car? Staff
27 January 2011

The best and worst crash test results of 2010 have been revealed by safety organisation Euro NCAP.

Tougher tests reflected in results
NCAP crash-tested 29 cars during 2010, and 65% of those received its new, tougher top five-star rating. This compared with 2009, when 90% of cars tested by NCAP were awarded the previous five-star score.

The best performers have been picked out by NCAP along with the two most disappointing results: a three-star result for the Citroen Nemo and a two-star result for the Landwind CV9.

The top five best results from Euro NCAP are for the:
BMW 5 Series executive car

Alfa Romeo Giulietta small family car

Honda CR-Z coupe

Kia Sportage crossover

Toyota Verso MPV

The worst results
Although the Citroen Nemo and Landwind CV9's NCAP crash-test results are poor in comparison with the best performers, they both exceed the statutory EEC crash standard, which is the equivalent of a one-star rating from NCAP.