CitroΓ«n C3 Aircross vs Kia Stonic vs Seat Arona

SUVs based on small hatchbacks have their flaws, but they’re getting better all the time. The CitroΓ«n C3 Aircross, Kia Stonic and Seat Arona are proof of that - but which is best?

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Infotainment systems

CitroΓ«n C3 Aircross

Very disappointing. The C3 Aircross’s touchscreen doesn’t have the contrast or crispness of graphics you might hope for, and the delay between pressing the display and anything actually happening is long enough for you to make a cup of tea. On the plus side, it is the only one of our trio available with an upgraded sound system and emergency response (an SOS button that connects to the emergency services). Smartphone mirroring is also standard.

Kia Stonic

It’s a shame you don’t get – and can’t even add – sat-nav on the 2 trim, but otherwise the infotainment system stacks up pretty well. The interface is more logical than the C3 Aircross’s and the screen responds more promptly when you prod it. We also like the fact that there are physical shortcut buttons flanking the display rather than touch-sensitive pads; it’s easier to hit the one you want at a glance. Sound quality from the six-speaker stereo could be better.

Seat Arona

Easily the best system here. For starters, the Arona has the biggest and brightest touchscreen, which means you don’t need to study it hard to decipher instructions displayed by the standard sat-nav. As with all of our trio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring is included in the price, but the Arona also gets wireless phone charging as standard. Our only complaint is that you can’t upgrade the mediocre six-speaker stereo.

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