Down to... Nissan Qashqai

Words ByWill Nightingale

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An article image

Names Sarah Pavitt (39), investment banker and Edd Pavitt (37), IT director
Current car 2005 Nissan Murano 3.5
Trying for size Nissan Qashqai Tekna 2.0 4WD

Sarah said: 'With our son Zachary (1), Jaspar the spaniel, a buggy, golf clubs, tennis kit, sailing gear and bags all loaded for a weekend away, the Qashqai could have done with more boot space. With Edd in the passenger seat, Zach was also cramped behind him.

'We removed the parcel shelf to fit everything in and the dog could jump over everything. In the Murano, the retractable shelf goes halfway over the boot, which is just enough to stop him. Overall, the Qashqai felt tiny.'

Edd said: 'We're green in everything except the cars we drive. It's impossible to get that luxury feel with smaller, more economical models. The Qashqai - even at top Tekna trim - lacked the quality we're used to.

'I rate Nissan highly, but within a couple of days some of the Qashqai trim looked shoddy. The overhead light and hands-free mikes in the roof area were loose. Also, although I'm a techno-geek, I couldn't get a Bluetooth connection.

'The 10,000 saving could sway me towards a Qashqai, but only because I would then have a way to justify buying a second-hand Porsche Boxster in addition!'

We say
The Qashqai's nifty storage wasn't enough to convince the sports-mad Pavitts and it seems to lack the status the family expects. As an alternative, they could consider the Lexus RX400h as a top-line carbon-footprint-shrinker.