Good week, bad week: Feb 19th

* Good week for millionaires * Bad week for driving schools * Lots of new models unveiled...

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19 February 2010

Good week, bad week: Feb 19th

It's been a good week for lottery winners, but a bad week for the UK's third biggest driving school. Here's what else has had a good, or bad, time of it

With 56 million now in his back pocket, Euromillions winner Nigel Page has no doubt already snapped up the 4x4 of his dreams, but he could also have afforded to buy Red Driving the driving school which went into administration on Thursday.

Hopefully it's not going to be such a bad weekend for the company's 400 employees, though, with a buyer expected to surface some time on Friday.

Production output figures for UK factories showed a record increase, too, while Halfords has stepped into the lucrative car servicing market (it's worth at least 10 billion a year).

Toyota continued to fire fight over safety concerns, hybrids could lose their congestion charge exemption and Daihatsu stopped bringing cars into the UK.

With the Geneva motor show just around the corner it's been a busy week for new models, with the Vauxhall Flextreme GT/E and Peugeot 5 concept cars breaking cover.

Jaguar made the news by announcing the arrival of it fastest-ever XKR, Citroen revealed its hot DS3 Racing supermini, while Mini and VW revealed prices for the Countryman crossover and Polo Bluemotion.

We've also launched a free, downloadable buyer's pack for the Volkswagen Golf and would really like you to let us know what you think.

Finally, we trace Audi continuing its range expansion with some computer-generated images of various A1 offshoots.

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