Nissan Qashqai and VW Golf

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Nissan Qashqai
1.5 dCi 110 360
List price 21,645
Target Price 19,589
Best price 18,784
Save 2861

The Qashqai started the crossover craze, and continues to be a best seller with its chunky looks, huge interior and low running costs. Again, brokers have the best prices, but Nissan is offering a three-year, 50% deposit, 0% APR HP deal, or a two- or three-year 4.9% APR PCP with no minimum deposit and a 1200 finance deposit contribution.
What Car? rating

Emissions and economy
CO2 129g/km
**Fuel economy 54.3mpg First-year Road tax** 0
Tax liability 20%

Residual value

Monthly company car tax
20% 75 40% 150
Contract hire 234

Three-year cost
Depreciation 9664
Insurance 1635
Servicing 980
Road tax 210
Fuel 4336

Your view Chris James
I was a little sceptical about how the 1.5 dCi would cope with hills, but it has no trouble. Im getting 54.0mpg, which is just shy of the stated 55.3mpg. For the money, you get a lot of kit and good refinement certainly more than in my previous BMW.

Volkswagen Golf
1.6 TDI 105 SE 5dr
List price 20,500
Target Price 18,990
Best price 18,199
Save 1510

The Golfs seemingly effortless combination of space, top build quality and fantastic driving experience makes it a real winner. It holds its value extremely well, too, making it a superb new buy. Volkswagen will pay 500 towards your deposit when you buy using a three-year, 6.3% APR PCP deal through one of its dealers, but the best list price discounts are to be found at brokers.
What Car? rating

Emissions and economy
CO2 99g/km
**Fuel economy 74.3mpg First-year Road tax** 0
Tax liability 14%

Residual value

Monthly company car tax
20% 47 40% 94
Contract hire 255

Three-year cost
Depreciation 9340
Insurance 1251
Servicing 479
Road tax 0
Fuel 3169

Your view Chris Marriot
This car is so refined, and drives smoothly in all conditions. The cabin is really classy and way ahead of that in the new Mercedes A-Class I tested. I love the car and if anything I am getting even fonder of it as the days go by. Its all I hoped for and more.