Peugeot 208 and VW Polo

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2 May 2013 10:30 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Peugeot 208
1.2i VTi Active 5dr
List price 12,995
Target Price 12,153
Best price 11,890
Save 1105

Peugeot has a history of producing stylish small cars, and the 208 is no exception. The fact that its cheap to run and has a high-quality interior are more reasons why the 208 has made the top 10. Its early days in terms of dealer offers, but there are discounts out there. Once again, though, its the brokers who will be able to give you the biggest discounts.
What Car? rating

Emissions and economy
CO2 104g/km
**Fuel economy 62.7mpg
First-year Road tax 0
Tax liability** 12%

Residual value

Monthly company car tax
20% 23 40% 46
Contract hire 183

Three-year cost
Depreciation 6253
Insurance 1101
Servicing 738
Road tax 40
Fuel 3594

Your view Graham Hales
Impressive. Thats how I describe my 208. Its great to see this massive step up from Peugeot. The interior quality is great and the dashboard is easy to understand. It really is a car that makes you feel that little bit better when you get inside.

Volkswagen Polo
1.2 60 Match 5dr
List price 12,395
Target Price 11,876
Best price 11,447
Save 948

The Polos comfortable ride, secure handling and classy cabin mean its an easy car to like, even if this 1.2-litre engine is a little gruff. Volkswagen is offering a 1000 finance deposit contribution when you buy using a 6.4% APR VW PCP, and you get 12 months free insurance. So although the brokers price might be cheaper, the dealer makes more sense long term.
What Car? rating

Emissions and economy
CO2 128g/km
**Fuel economy 51.4mpg
First-year Road tax 0
Tax liability** 17%

Residual value

Monthly company car tax
20% 32 40% 65
Contract hire 186

Three-year cost
Depreciation 6101
Insurance 957
Servicing 477
Road tax 210
Fuel 4384

Your view Roderick Mathison
I traded in my VW Fox for a Polo because I couldnt stand the way the Fox handled on country roads. I find the Polo very refined with well-weighted steering and lovely soft plastics. Its as close to a long-distance cruiser as a small car can be,and its got a big boot.