Porsche Panamera GTS

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John McIlroy
17 Nov 2011 10:59 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

The latest take on Porsche's Panamera is that it can be a track-day car as well as an executive express. That's the goal of the GTS, which blends a tuned version of the petrol V8 engine providing 424bhp (a rise of 30bhp) and 383lb ft with revised suspension and larger brakes.

A PDK dual-clutch transmission and four-wheel drive, and the results are some spectacular figures; the GTS can hit 62mph in just 4.5sec and reach 179mph. The fuel economy figure is 25.9mpg, and the car emits 256g/km of CO2. It'll go on sale next February, from 90,409.

The raw figures are certainly impressive, but the idea of using a car this big for track days is a strange one and if it's 'track bred' and focused, why not make it a manual and only drive the rear wheels? We remain to be convinced.

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