The most comfortable cars for £25,000

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Dear What Car?,

We currently have a 2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso 1.6 diesel VTR automatic. We chose this over other MPVs primarily because of its overall package, in particular its boot space, fuel economy, decent automatic gearbox and interior space versus reasonably compact size on the road.

The reason we want to replace it is purely because of the poor ride it has, especially at low speeds over the country roads and main roads we drive on.

So, what we are looking for, in summary, is a smooth, forgiving ride, a boot that's as close to the Citroën’s as possible in size, reasonable fuel economy, a good automatic gearbox and a high driving position. We’re also considering four-wheel drive, because we live in a rural area.

We do about 8000 miles per year and would consider an appropriate MPV, SUV or estate car. Our budget is around £25,000.