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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

The Expert comes in three different lengths: Compact, Standard and Long. This means there's more choice than with most other vans in the sector. Compact vans are 4600mm long, so they're about the same size as a long-wheelbase small van, such as the Renault Kangoo Maxi or the Nissan NV200, and have a maximum storage area length of 2160mm. 

The Standard van measures 4950mm, with a 2510mm load length. The Long version stretches 5300mm and can transport a 2860mm length. When fitted with a folding front passenger seat and load-through bulkhead, an additional 1160mm of storage capacity is possible, making it ideal for oversized lengths of pipe or wood. The Expert also comes as a minibus, with three rows of seats and space for nine passengers, or as a six-seat crew van, as well as in platform cab form ready for specialist conversions.

Load volumes for the Compact, Standard and Long bodies are 5.1m3, 5.8m3 and 6.6m3 respectively, with an overall height for the van of 1940mm and a useable internal load height of 1397mm. 

Big gains have also been made in the payload capacities of the Expert, with some models as much as 150kg lighter than before. The kerb weight also compares favourably with rivals such as the Ford Transit Custom and enables the Expert to have a best-in-class payload of 1498kg for a 3.1-tonne van and up to 1100kg for lower-rated 2.6-tonne vans.

Twin sliding side doors are standard, but you’ll have to pay for the rather nifty hands-free entry feature that lets you wave your foot underneath the rear bumper to open the side door.

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