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Passenger & boot space

Vauxhall Vivaro load area
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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

Unlike its French siblings, which offer a compact bodystyle, the Vivaro is available in only two lengths: a standard L1 or a long L2.

Maximum loadspace lengths are 2512mm for the L1 and 2862mm for the L2; with the load-through bulkhead available on Sportive vans, those figures increase by 1162mm.

Width in both vans is 1636mm and load area height is 1397mm. The L1 measures 4959mm long and the L2 5309mm long.

Load volumes equate to 5.3m3 and 6.1m3 for the two models. Payloads are impressive, with the best-performing 3.1-tonne vans able to move as much as 1458kg. The L1 and L2 sizes are available with 2.9-tonne and 2.7-tonne gross vehicle weights.

Another feature worth noting on the Vivaro is the optional easy-access side door, which uses a motion sensor under the rear bumper to detect when a foot is waved underneath the area to automatically open the door. Regular nearside and offside side doors are standard on all models, along with twin rear doors that open to 180deg.

Vauxhall Vivaro load area
Vauxhall Vivaro rear
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