2018 Suzuki Ignis Adventure review – price, specs and release date

The Suzuki Ignis Adventure is a limited-edition version of the Japanese brand's dinky SUV. Is it worth considering?...

2018 Suzuki Ignis Adventure review – price, specs and release date

Priced from £13,999 Release date On sale now

Adventure. It’s a grand word that conjures images of perilous expeditions, white-capped mountains and intrepid explorers. We don’t blame you if, however, it doesn’t conjure the image of a two-wheel-drive SUV-cum-city car.

Suzuki has been bold enough to use the word for its new limited-edition version of the Suzuki Ignis, though. It’s based on SZ-T trim, which means it gets a reversing camera, 16in alloys and roof rails, but it adds a rear spoiler, side stripes, front and rear skidplates and coloured front foglight bezels for a more aggressive look. These cosmetic extras are said to be worth £1900, but Suzuki is throwing them in for £1000 over the price you'd pay for the SZ-T.

That might not sound overly appealing if you're a cash buyer, but Suzuki is offering some tempting PCP deals.

2018 Suzuki Ignis Adventure review – price, specs and release date

2018 Suzuki Ignis Adventure on the road

Despite what the name might suggest, to really enjoy this Ignis, your adventures are best off remaining in town. The good news is that if you stay in the city limits you'll find lots to like.

There are no mechanical differences compared with the SZ-T model the Adventure is based on, so you still get a sweet 1.2-litre engine that offers peppy acceleration and a respectable amount of low-rev pulling power to keep gear changes to a minimum.

At low revs, it’s a pretty quiet engine, but it also loves to be revved. Let's not over-egg it, it doesn’t feel like a hot hatch (or even a warm one), but it's suitably powered for town and never leaves you frustrated. The precise five-speed manual gearbox is another plus-point.

How does it ride? Well, the Ignis’s soft set-up translates in part to a comfortable ride, acting as a decent cushion over wavy dips and crests. But that’s tinged by constant fidgeting over scruffy town roads and a thwack reverberating through the body if you stumble across a razor-edged pothole.

What lets the Ignis down is its handling. It feels reasonably agile, thanks to its low weight and short wheelbase, but the steering is inconsistently weighted and the car's tall dimensions mean it suffers from quite a bit of body roll through corners. True, it's more sophisticated to drive than Suzuki's own Jimny or a Dacia Duster, but the Kia Picanto X-Line is more composed and more fun.

Four-wheel drive is available on the Ignis (badged as Allgrip), but you can’t have it if you go for this Adventure version.

2018 Suzuki Ignis Adventure review – price, specs and release date

2018 Suzuki Ignis Adventure interior

The Adventure doesn’t bring any changes inside, either, so you won’t be able to tell the difference between this and a standard SZ-T model.

That’s no bad thing: the Ignis has a comfortable interior with air conditioning and a touchscreen infotainment system that features a reversing camera, a DAB radio and Bluetooth. The materials in the interior don't really impress, though, feeling hard and low-rent compared to the plusher dashboards and dials in some rivals, including the Picanto X-Line

However, the Ignis is surprisingly spacious for its size. Four adults will fit comfortably inside, but bear in mind that the Adventure only has four seats – if you want five seats, you'll need the entry-level SZ3 model.

If you do opt for this four-seat model, though, you at least get the bonus of individually tilting and sliding the rear seats, allowing you to prioritise boot space or rear leg room. The boot, meanwhile, is roughly the same size as a Picanto X-Line's but much smaller than a Dacia Duster's.

For a full breakdown of the Ignis's interior and more, head to our full review here.

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