2024 Alpine A290 revealed: electric hot hatch gets 215bhp

The Alpine A290 is the brand’s first electric car and is one of three new electric models being launched by the French firm. Here’s everything you need to know including the price, specs and rele...

Alpine A290 hatchback blue front driving

On sale Late 2024 | Price from £36,000 (est) 

Think of the new Alpine A290 as being like the front row of a rock concert. Yes, you could enjoy much of the same experience from the comfortable seats towards the back – but for the hardcore fans who want as much excitement as possible, the front row is the place to be.

The sister car to the upcoming Renault 5, the A290 keeps that car’s retro-futuristic looks but dials its bass up to 11 with rally-inspired LED lights and a deeper front bumper with a large front grille. The car’s 19in alloy wheels are a nod to the classic Alpine A310 sports car, while its performance tyres were specially developed by Michelin.

Alpine A290 hatchback blue rear driving

All versions of the A290 feature a single electric motor driving the front wheels, but depending on which version you choose, you’ll have either 178bhp or 215bhp to play with. In both cases, that’s more than any version of the Renault 5 can offer. Indeed, the fastest versions of the A290 can crack the 0-62mph sprint in just 6.4sec – quicker than the rival Abarth 500e

While the Renault 5 is available with both 40kWh and 52kWh (usable capacity) battery options, only the larger battery is available in the A290, where it offers an official range of up to 236 miles. That’s slightly less than the Smart #1 Brabus gets from its larger 62kWh battery, but comfortably more than the 500e.

Alpine A290 hatchback white side

A maximum charging rate of 100kW means taking the A290 from 10-80% charge could take as little as 30 minutes if you use the faster charging points. And should you need something to power your laptop, kettle or other race day paraphernalia, the A290 includes Vehicle-To-Load capabilities, so you can use its power for things other than driving.

Inside, the A290 features a 10.25in digital instrument screen alongside a 10.1in central infotainment touchscreen, while physical controls for the climate should mean that changing temperature on the move is easy. Elsewhere, the A290’s sports seats should offer more support through corners than those in the Renault 5, and are made from sustainable materials, including recycled plastic and hemp fibre.

Alpine A290 hatchback interior

The A290’s three-spoke steering wheel is coated in Nappa leather, and includes a race-inspired dial so you can set the level of regenerative braking required. There's also a controller behind the wheel marked OV – for overtake. Pulling it activates an extra power boost for up to 10 seconds at a time.

In terms of storage space, the A290’s 326-litre boot is exactly the same size as the Renault 5, meaning you should be able to fit more than you could in the Peugeot e-208, but less than in the larger MG4. Either way, a large weekly shop or a couple of holiday suitcases should pose no trouble.

The A290 benefits from all the same driver assistance and safety features as the Renault 5, including adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping assistance.

Alpine A290 white front static

While prices have yet to be revealed, we’d expect the A290 to start at around £36,000, placing the Alpine in line with its 500e rival. 

Alpine will eventually offer three cars in its line-up, with the A290 being joined by an all-new electric version of the Alpine A110 sports car, and an as-yet unnamed sports SUV based on the Renault Megane E-Tech.

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