Best SUV company cars 2022

Looking for a new car and got your heart set on an SUV? Well, these are the models you should be considering...

BMW iX3 2022 front cornering

A lot of private buyers are choosing SUVs these days, and it's easy to see why. With their raised seating positions, family friendly practicality and, increasingly, availability of plug-in hybrid and electric power, SUVs are fast becoming the go-to choice for families on the move. 

They make plenty of sense for company car drivers, too, especially if you choose one with plug-in hybrid or electric power. That's because, both power types attract a discounted rate of Benefit In Kind (BIK) tax, with fully electric SUVs costing you just 2% of the car's taxable value for the 2022/23 tax year.

These are our top 10 SUVs for company car drivers in 2022. In each case we’ve chosen our favourite model from within the range and calculated the monthly tax bill for a 40% taxpayer. If you're a 20% taxpayer, just halve our figures.

There’s also a link to our full review so you can make sure the car is right for you.

10. Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe 2021 front

Best model 1.6 T-GDi PHEV Premium | What Car? rating 5/5 | CO2 emissions 37g/km | P11D price £45,810 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2022/23 @40% From £183.24

For private drivers, we’d recommend the more affordable full hybrid Hyundai Santa Fe. For a company car driver, it has to be the plug-in hybrid model. The higher price is more than offset by the lower benefit-in-kind tax banding.

The low tax bill isn’t the only reason to choose the Santa Fe as your next company car. It’s comprehensively equipped, and there’s lots of space in the seven-seat cabin. 

The Santa Fe is not the most exciting SUV from the driver’s seat, but if comfort, practicality, and a long list of toys are higher priorities, the Hyundai is hard to beat.

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9. Ford Puma

Ford Puma 2021 front

Best model 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid 155 ST-Line | What Car? rating 5/5 | CO2 emissions 125g/km | P11D price £24,600 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2022/23 @40% From £246

The only mild hybrid on this list – meaning the engine gets small amounts of electrical assistance during certain conditions, such as when you're on the motorway – the Puma isn’t as cheap on tax as the other cars here. However, affordable leasing rates mean the Ford is likely to be available to many more business drivers than some of the more upmarket SUVs we’ve chosen.

A former overall winner at our Car of the Year Awards, the Puma remains our favourite small SUV. It’s brilliant to drive, bringing a level of driver involvement to the class that no other rival can match.

The Puma is sensibly priced, and the mild-hybrid drivetrain helps keep emissions down for a car that still relies on an internal combustion engine.

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8. BMW X5

BMW X5 2022 front cornering

Best model xDrive45e M Sport | What Car? rating 5/5 | CO2 emissions 29g/km | P11D price £71,255 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2022/23 @40% From £190.01

The plug-in hybrid xDrive45e is the pick of the X5 range, especially for company car drivers. Low benefit-in-kind tax rates set the 45e apart from the rest of the range, and the ability to travel up to 54 miles on electric power means many commutes can be completed in near silence.

You lose the third row of seats if you go for the hybrid, but otherwise there are few compromises. It’s a roomy and practical five-seater, with a very high standard of finish.

Although the hybrid is a very heavy car, the X5 is still quick and surprisingly nimble for an SUV of this size and heft.

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7. Lexus NX

Lexus NX 450h front

Best model 450h+ F Sport| What Car? rating 5/5 | CO2 emissions 25g/km | P11D price £58,145 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2022/23 @40% From £155.05

Lexus has long championed hybrid power, but until now it has favoured full hybrids rather than plug-ins. The latest NX is the first Lexus to be available with both these types of power, and it’s the plug-in model which makes most sense for business drivers. 

It emits just 25g/km of C02 and can travel more than 40 miles on electric power, according to the official tests. That puts the NX 450h+ in the 8% benefit-in-kind tax band for 2022/23.

The NX is quick, plush inside, and very quiet. Being a Lexus, too, it should rarely if ever go wrong.

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6. Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV 2021 front tracking

Best model 150kW Maxx| What Car? rating 4/5 | CO2 emissions 0g/km | P11D price £34,995 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2022/23 @40% From £23.33 

The first fully electric car on this list, the Soul EV is a prime example of why it pays to go electric if you're a company car driver, with a monthly BIK figure that's the equivalent of just a few takeaway coffees per week.

The Soul EV is a great choice, too, with a long list of standard kit and an impressive electric driving range of up to 280 miles, according to official tests. It offers strong performance, too, even though some rivals are more practical.

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5. Audi Q4 e-tron

Audi Q4 e-tron 2022 front

Best model 40 Sport | What Car? rating 4/5 | CO2 emissions 0g/km | P11D price £46,010 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2022/23 @40% From £30.67

The Q4 e-tron does what Audi does better than almost anyone – it’s comfortable to travel in and beautifully made.

It’s well priced, too, so long as you compare it with other premium-badged electric SUVs. If you’re not too fussy about the badge on the nose, then Skoda Enyaq iV, which we'll see more of further down this story, does a similar job for less.

We’d choose the 40 Sport because it strikes the right balance between price, range, and performance. If you run one as a company car, it’s a very tax-efficient choice.

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4. Volvo C40

Volvo C40 Recharge 2022 front cornering

Best model 170kW Recharge Plus | What Car? rating 4/5 | CO2 emissions 0g/km | P11D price £53,045 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2022/23 @40% From £35.33

The C40 is an electric coupé SUV, so gives you a healthy dose of style as well as the environmental benefits of electric power. It has a decent range of up to 269 miles between charges, and in Plus form comes equipped with luxuries including a powered tailgate, heat pump and heated front and rear seats.

We like the C40's rapid performance, even though it has a smaller boot than its more conventional XC40 Recharge sibling.

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3. BMW iX3

LT BMW iX3 front drive past

Best model M Sport | What Car? rating 5/5 | CO2 emissions 0g/km | P11D price £60,915 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2022/23 @40% From £40.61

The BMW iX3 thoroughly deserves a place in our top three. With its long range, class-leading infotainment, and classy interior, the BMW is one of the very best electric SUVs.

It’s not as fast as some rivals, but 0-62mph in 6.8 seconds is hardly sluggish. Besides, it offers a more rounded drive than most competitors, with a ride on the firm side of comfortable and impressive agility.

Being a pure EV, the iX3 sits in the 2% tax band for the 2022/23 tax year, so running the BMW will put the tiniest of dents in your monthly pay packet

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2. Skoda Enyaq iV

Skoda Enyaq iV 2021 nose

Best model 60 Lodge | What Car? rating 5/5 | CO2 emissions 0g/km | P11D price £35,330 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2022/23 @40% From £23.55

There are quicker electric SUVs, and cars with more prestigious badges, but when it comes to value, few electric cars come close to the Skoda Enyaq iV.

We’d stick with smaller battery model (badged 60) to make the most of Skoda’s keen pricing, and really drive that tax bill down. You’ll probably pay more for your smartphone each month than you’ll be taxed to run the Skoda.

The Enyaq is comfortable and extremely roomy, both for passengers and their luggage. Thrill-seekers should look elsewhere, but for everyone else the Skoda is a great choice.

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1. Kia EV6

Kia EV6 2022 front

Best model RWD GT-Line | What Car? rating 5/5 | CO2 emissions 0g/km | P11D price £43,890 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2022/23 @40% From £29.26

The best SUV for company car drivers is the Kia EV6. I fact, it’s our favourite electric SUV, whether you are a business driver or not, and is our reigning Car of the Year.

A low tax bill is a given if you choose an electric car. What’s not always guaranteed is a decent range, or rapid charging. There are no worries on that score, with an official distance between charges of up to 328 miles and a 10%-80% charge time of 18 minutes if you can find a sufficiently powerful charger.

If we’re being picky, the low-speed ride is quite firm and the boot is shallow. But these are minor criticisms when an EV is this roomy, well equipped, and enjoyable to drive.

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