Driven: Range Rover video blog

* Revised Range Rover driven * Cleaner, greener and more powerful * See the video blog, here...

Driven: Range Rover video blog

Take a video test drive in the heavily revised Model Year 2010 Range Rover.

Join What Car? group editor Steve Fowler, as he puts the updated Range Rover through its paces on- and off-road - in places where even mountain goats fear to tread.

The Model Year 2010 Range Rover, as it's been named by Land Rover, gets a new, more powerful 5.0-litre V8 engine, yet it's cleaner and more frugal than the smaller unit it replaces.

It still won't be win any environmental awards, but click below to see just where the updated Range Rover really does score highly.

Range Rover video blog

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