New 2012 Honda Civic on video

* All-new Civic * On sale early 2012 * Watch it in action...

29 July 2011

New 2012 Honda Civic on video

Honda has announced more details of its all-new Civic.

The new model goes on sale in early 2012 and will be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in September. Honda plans to release five videos that chart its development, the first of which you can see below.

Each film will focus on one aspect of the new model, and the first concentrates on ride and handling. The new Civic uses a similar suspension system to the current car; with a rear torsion beam thats compact and provides maximum boot space. Honda says that advances including new bushes - give improved ride and handling.

Honda hasnt released any pictures of the new Civic yet. The disguised model shows an overall shape thats similar to the current cars; this time around theres a rear wiper, but its unclear yet whether the new car will have a version of the current models two-part rear screen.