New Audi RS6 Avant vs Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate: practicality

With close to 1200bhp between them, the new RS6 Avant and the E63 S Estate are as rapid as they are practical. But which is best?...

Audi RS6 Avant rear seats

Space and practicality

Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

Although the E63 feels more enveloping when you’re sitting in the front, it’s no less spacious. In fact, it offers slightly more leg room, but anyone tall will have plenty of space in either.

The RS6 has more deeply sculpted front seatbacks that create slightly more rear knee room, but only if you slot your knees in their narrow gaps. Otherwise, rear leg room is similar to the E63 – easily enough for six-footers, then – with head room to match. Even a middle rear passenger will have space, albeit with the least comfortable seat and a large floor hump to straddle.

Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate rear seats

If boot space is a priority, buy the E63. Its load bay is massive, taking 10 carry-on suitcases to the RS6’s still competitive nine. The E63 also has a wider aperture and a lower lip height, plus buttons to electrically fold down its 40/20/40-split rear seats. The RS6 has the same seat split but manual release levers.

Audi RS6 Avant

Audi RS6 Avant boot

Boot 565-1680 litres Suitcases 9

Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate

Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate boot

Boot 640-1820 litres Suitcases 10

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