New Renault Grand Scenic vs Citroen Grand C4 Picasso vs Volkswagen Touran

Renault has upped the MPV stakes with its stylish new Grand Scénic seven-seater. Is it enough to defeat our current MPV of the Year, the Touran, or the revamped Grand C4 Picasso?...

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What Car? team
27 March 2016

What will they cost?

You can spend more than £30,000 on any of these MPVs, but we would argue that the mid-trim models we’ve selected make the most sense. The C4 is the cheapest, followed by the Touran. The Scénic is the priciest, although it does have the most powerful engine.

If you haggle with the dealer, the gap widens further; you can get more than £4000 off the C4 and more than £4500 off the Touran, but only about £500 off the Scénic. When it’s time to sell, the Touran will have held onto the most value, followed by the C4 and the Scénic. After three years, the cars will be worth roughly the same, despite the big difference in their Target Prices.

If you’re looking to lease, the C4 is again the cheapest, costing just £245 a month, £54 less than the Touran. You’ll have to fork out £301 a month on the same terms for the Scénic. Meanwhile, on a 36-month, 10,000-miles-per-year personalcontract purchase (PCP) deal with a £3500 deposit, the C4 will cost £379 a month, while the Scénic will cost £390. The Touran is the priciest at £440 a month.

New Renault Grand Scenic vs Citroen Grand C4 Picasso vs Volkswagen Touran

For company car drivers, it’s the C4 that works out the cheapest. The Touran is nearly £900 more expensive over three years, while the Scénic will cost another £400 on top of that. That’s partially down to the C4’s cheaper list price, but a CO2 output of 106g/km (compared with 119g/km for the Scénic and Touran) helps, too.

The C4 doesn’t fare so well for insurance over three years, being the most expensive by more than £400. The Touran is cheapest, with the Scénic splitting the difference.

New Renault Grand Scenic vs Citroen Grand C4 Picasso vs Volkswagen Touran

All three cars get a touchscreen infotainment system with a DAB radio and Bluetooth, air-con, automatic lights and wipers and electric windows all round. The C4 and Scénic add climate control and sat-nav to that list, while the Scénicalso gets blinds on its rear windows and rear seats that you can fold down using a button in the boot.

As for safety, all get electronic driving aids, but only the Scénic and Touran have automatic emergency braking (AEB). This crucial feature is in a £900 options pack on the C4.