New Volkswagen ID Crozz concept previews electric SUV

Volkswagen has revealed details of its latest ID concept car ahead of its launch at the Shanghai motor show...

New Volkswagen ID Crozz concept previews electric SUV
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Claire Evans
18 Apr 2017 08:30

The ID Crozz is the third in a series of electric concept cars being unveiled by Volkswagen as a preview to a new family of pure electric cars that will go on sale from 2020.

A four-door coupé-styled SUV, dubbed a crossover utility vehicle (CUV) by Volkswagen, the ID Crozz is likely to be the most popular model in VW's electric line-up.

Standout features of the latest concept include an autopilot system that automatically drives the car and a clean air system that ensures the air inside the car is pure regardless of the amount of pollution outside.

What’s new on the Volkswagen ID Crozz concept?


New Volkswagen ID Crozz concept previews electric SUV

Like the first two ID concepts - the ID hatchback and the ID Buzz microbus – the ID Crozz is a zero emissions vehicle with a long range between charges.

Its electric all-wheel drive system is new, and it’s claimed to give plenty of grip around town and off the beaten track.

Initially, the ID Crozz that goes on sale in 2020 won’t have a fully automatic driving mode, but VW says this will arrive in 2025. However, the concept version has an on-demand autopilot system that when activated makes the steering wheel retract into the dashboard.

In both manual and automatic driving modes, the driver receives speed and navigation information via an augmented reality 3D head-up display.

The car also digitally stores its owner’s personal preferences for things such as climate control setting and seating position as their User ID. When he or she approaches the car with its Digital Key, these preferences are activated.

What powertrain does the Volkswagen ID Crozz concept have?


New Volkswagen ID Crozz concept previews electric SUV

The ID Crozz has two gearboxes, two motors that together produce 302bhp and an 83kWh lithium ion battery that’s housed in its floor. It has a top speed of 112mph, and an electric range of 310 miles. Like the most modern electric cars, its battery can be charged to 80% of capacity – enough for about 245 miles of travel – in 30 minutes.

The car is rear-wheel drive unless its electric propshaft detects extra grip is needed up front, when power is distributed between the front and rear axles in fractions of a second. When necessary, such as in snowy conditions, the ID Crozz can be permanently all-wheel drive.

What’s the Volkswagen ID Crozz like inside?


New Volkswagen ID Crozz concept previews electric SUV

Like the other ID concepts, the Crozz is based on Volkswagen’s new Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB), which allows the axle and drive system modules to be spread out, giving it a long wheelbase.

This means that, although it is more compact and has a lower roofline than the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace, the ID Crozz is just as roomy inside.

The futuristic interior has a 10.2-inch tablet style infotainment system and a 5.8-inch Active Info Display in front of the driver.

There are also individual control islands on the door panels that enable passengers to set climate and door functions.

Volkswagen claims that the Crozz’s wide-opening rear doors and sliding rear seats make it possible to stash a pushbike sideways behind the front seats.

In addition, the 515-litre boot of the ID Crozz can be used to take delivery of parcels. Delivery drivers can use GPS to locate the car and can be granted temporary permission to open the boot via an app.

How much will the Volkswagen ID Crozz concept cost?


New Volkswagen ID Crozz concept previews electric SUV

There’s no official word on the price of the ID Crozz production range yet, but when the ID Crozz does go on sale it’ll be up against the production version of Skoda’s Vision E concept.

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