Our cars: Honda Civic Tourer, Ford Fiesta and Lexus IS

The Honda Civic Tourer's gear lever's other use, our Ford Fiesta is in the wars and the Lexus IS300h is being a pain...

Our cars: Honda Civic Tourer, Ford Fiesta and Lexus IS
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John Howell
12 Aug 2014 08:37

Each day we shine the spotlight on a different selection of the What Car? test fleet. Today, we are looking at the Honda Civic Tourer, the Ford Fiesta ST-2 and the Lexus IS300h.

Consumer editor Alex Newby has been assessing the Honda Civic Tourer's infotainment system and finding an unintentional third party adds to its usability. Read more here.

Social media marketing man Tom Langan found himself in a battle against, of all things, a Toyota RAV4. Unfortunately our Ford Fiesta ST-2 ended up coming off the big loser. Click here to read the full story.

Will Williams, our in-house photographer, has been finding that life with the Lexus IS300h isn't all a bed of roses. In fact he's appealing for your help to see who else is suffering a similar fate. Join the action here.

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