Suzuki Ignis long-term review

After a series of group test victories, we've decided to add a Suzuki Ignis to our fleet. Will it continue to charm over the coming months?...

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Alan Taylor-Jones
04 August 2017

Suzuki Ignis long-term review
  • The car: Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Dualjet SHVS Allgrip SZ5
  • Run by: The road test team
  • Why it’s here: The Ignis offers something a bit different in the city car class - SUV looks, loads of rear seat space and the option of four-wheel drive
  • Needs to: Be frugal despite having four driven wheels, enjoyable to drive, reliable and show at least some off-road ability.

Price £14,249 Price as tested £14,899 Options Fervent red paint with black roof £650 Official combined MPG 60.1mpg True MPG na CO2 106g/km Mileage to date 7651 Insurance group 18 0-62mph 11.2sec Top speed 106mph

4 August 2017 – Second report

I’ve taken over as temporary custodian of our little Suzuki Ignis for the next few weeks while I’m between more permanent long-termers. I’m not too dischuffed. I’ve loved the look of the Ignis since it was first revealed, and a brief trip out in our own example recently left me hankering for more.

My first few days with it haven’t disappointed. For starters, just look at the thing. Isn’t it brilliant? I mean, sure, it’s a little wonky round the tail end, but viewed square on, directly from the rear, it’s hilarious: tall and narrow, yet with enormous wheel arches. Up front, there’s that scowling face and the big, puppy-dog eyes; down the side, meanwhile, the touches of Suzukis of old are inspired. Every time I walk up to this car, I find myself smiling.

Suzuki Ignis long-term review

What you don’t realise when you see the Ignis in isolation is just how tiny it really is – 3.7 metres long, to be precise. That makes parking and zipping through gaps in traffic a breeze. It also makes for faintly hilarious comparisons when you stick it in a space – as evidenced when I parked it between Darren's Audi Q5 and sister mag Autocar's Alfa Romeo Giulia. All of which simply adds to the Ignis’s charm.

So far, I’ve not done any long trips, but simply hacking back and forth to work, it’s racked up well over 55mpg on the trip computer readout, which is faintly remarkable. Despite vague steering, it’s a fun little thing to drive, too, with plenty of traction from the four-wheel drive and an eager little engine. Fast it ain’t, but it does make you grin.

This is, in short, a car with plenty of character, and yet on first acquaintance, it seems to have plenty of substance to back that character up. Time will tell if the sheen will wear off, but for now, I’m looking forward to my time with the Ignis.

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