Warranty 'a necessity' say motorists

* Continuous warranties expected, says RAC * 12-month warranties were the norm 20 years ago * Seven-year and lifetime warranties commonplace today...

Warranty 'a necessity' say motorists

Drivers now expect continuous warranty cover on their vehicles thanks to increasingly lengthening offers from new and used car sellers.

It has even got to the stage where motorists even feel uncomfortable if they dont have warranty cover according to the RAC.

'A warranty is no longer considered a nicety by the customer but instead is seen as something approaching a necessity,' said Ian Simpson, sales and marketing director at RAC Warranty.

This has come from the fact that warranties have lengthened to the extent that three years is offered as a minimum, with some manufacturers providing seven-year deals or even 'lifetime' cover. This is a large increase from the 12 month cover that was the norm 20 years ago.

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