When can I buy a buy a Mercedes GLK?

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What Car? Staff
9 Mar 2012 16:07 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Q) When will I be able to buy a Mercedes GLK?
Ive seen loads of Mercedes-Benz GLKs in Europe, but havent spotted any in the UK. Can you tell me if and when Ill be able to buy one here?
Chris Fox-Green

A) The GLK has only ever been built in left-hand drive, and so has never made it to UK showrooms. This is because the cars forward driveshaft comes out of the right side of the engine, leaving no space for the right-hand-drive steering column.

The GLK is being face-lifted next year, but the official line from Mercedes is that it still wont be available in right-hand drive. Insiders say there will eventually be a right-hand-drive version, but we dont expect to see it until the all-new GLK appears in 2015.