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Driving position and dashboard

Along with the usual backrest angle adjustment, the C3’s driving seat offers seat-height adjustment, while the steering wheel can be moved up and down, as well as in and out. there’s no adjustable lumbar support, though, even as an option, and the seats themselves offer precious little side support. This means you end up gripping onto the steering wheel to avoid falling into your passenger’s lap during cornering. You can option a driver’s armrest to give you something to lean on, but on the top-spec Flair model only.

Also awkward is the clutch footrest. On right-hand drive models this fits beneath the narrow gap between the clutch pedal and central tunnel, which, if you wear anything larger than a size-nine shoe, traps your foot.

The dashboard isn’t awash with buttons to befuddle you, and what’s there are all within easy reach. On the mid-spec Feel trim and above, the 7.0in touchscreen infotainment system incorporates the heater controls, which means you have to delve into the touchscreen menus every time you want to change the temperature. Lower-spec models, meanwhile, have handier separate heater controls.

Visibility, parking sensors and cameras

Reasonably thin windscreen pillars leave your view forwards quite unobstructed. Your rear view is rather less clear, though, because the C3’s tapering roof and swept-up side windows leave you with a small rear screen and thick rear pillars.

On our favourite mid-level Feel trim, salvation comes in the form of the relatively inexpensive option of rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera. These both come as standard on the top-spec Flair model, but you can’t add them to entry-level cars,

Citroen C3

Sat nav and infotainment

Every version of the C3 gets necessities such as a DAB radio and Bluetooth, but you need to upgrade to our favourite Feel trim before you benefit from a 7.0in touchscreen and Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto. These allow you to connect your mobile phone and use its apps, including the sat-nav, through the screen. With in-built sat-nav optional even on top-spec C3s, that’s more than just a handy feature.

The C3's menus aren’t particularly well laid out and can be sluggish when responding to inputs. We also dislike that it incorporates the car’s heater controls: separate dash-mounted buttons would make changing the temperature less of a faff.


Sit inside the Citroen C3 and it simply doesn’t feel as robust as the Skoda Fabia – the switches aren’t as well damped and the surfaces are somewhat shinier-looking. However, it’s look is very distinctive, and neat touches such as faux-leather door pulls lift the ambience.

All models come with a cloth facing across the dashboard, which can be upgraded to a leather-look material with different-coloured surrounds on mid and upper trims. Top Flair trim comes with a leather-trimmed steering wheel and gear knob, for an extra dash of luxury.

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