The best 300-mile+ electric cars

Range anxiety is still one of the biggest barriers to electric car ownership, but these models can all cover more than 300 miles on a charge – and some can go a lot farther than that...

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Tempted by an electric car but think range might be an issue? Well, thanks to advances in technology, it really isn't with many of the latest models. Right now, 33 cars in all shapes and sizes, from small SUVs to luxury saloons, offer a range of 300 miles or more, according to official tests. And some can even go beyond 400 miles.

We should point out that few electric cars can match their official ranges in real-world use; even the weather can affect performance. However, the cars on this list should still cover most longer trips without the need to pause for a battery top-up.

As well as naming the models with the longest official ranges, we'll include the results of our real-world range tests (where applicable). We'll also highlight each car's usable battery capacity and tell you how long it takes them to be charged from 10-80% at their peak charging rate. They are ranked in order of range, from lowest to highest. 

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