Best and worst luxury cars 2018

Luxury cars need to be opulent enough to tempt people used to the best of everything and as good to drive as they are to be driven in. Here we count down the top 10 – and name the ones to avoid...

1. Best and worst luxury cars 2018
The best luxury cars
Rolls-Royce Ghost
Rolls-Royce Ghost interior
Mercedes-Benz CLS
Mercedes-Benz CLS interior
BMW 7 Series
BMW 7 Series interior
Audi A6
Audi A6 interior
Volvo S90
Volvo S90 interior
Jaguar XF
Jaguar XF interior
Porsche Panamera
Porsche Panamera interior
Mercedes-Benz E-Class
Mercedes-Benz E-Class interior
Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Mercedes-Benz S-Class interior
BMW 5 Series
BMW 5 Series interior
Infiniti Q70
Lexus LS
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Luxury cars are among the most comfortable and refined in the world. However, the best also have sumptuous interiors complete with high-tech entertainment systems and loads of space for rear-seat passengers.

Running costs might seem less important, but many luxury saloons are run as company cars, so low CO2 emissions are still important and fuel efficiency is a consideration.

The market ranges from executive cruisers such as the Audi A6 through to some of the most expensive cars on the road, including the Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Here we name the top 10 luxury cars on sale right now – and the ones to avoid.

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