Best and worst small automatic cars 2019

Which small cars work best with an automatic gearbox? We name the best – and the worst...

05 January 2019
Small automatic cars
New Toyota Yaris Hybrid vs Renault Zoe

The Zoe sets out to solve one of the problems most often levelled at electric cars – the cost. This five-door hatchback will officially do up to 250 miles on a full charge, and comes with plenty of equipment, yet it costs roughly the same on monthly finance as conventional alternatives such as the Renault Clio and Ford Fiesta. As a bonus, there are no gears to worry about.

New Mini 5dr vs Audi A1 Sportback vs Ford Fiesta

While the Mini's sporty character means it feels more suited to a manual gearbox than an automatic, the six-speed auto 'box that's offered generally shifts quickly and smoothly. The five-door model solves many of the three-door's flaws, providing more rear space and a bigger boot, while retaining the retro charm and agile handling that have made the Mini so popular.